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What is a CDPE? Why Not Just Let
It Go Back?

What is a Certified Distressed Property Expert?

Eighty-five percent of homeowners experiencing financial distress say their first contact will be to a licensed agent. Yet, fewer than 1 percent of agents consider themselves foreclosure or distressed property experts. Kathie and Wayne have taken the time and money to invest in the education necessary to allow them to help people in this most difficult and stressful situation.

The developers of the Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation (CDPE) believe that in almost all cases the best person for a homeowner in distress to speak with is a well-informed, licensed Realtor® that has the tools needed to help that homeowner find the best solution for their situation.

Foreclosure is a devastating financial and emotional process for a homeowner to go through, and in many cases they do so alone and without guidance of any kind, and therefore never recover financially.

Through extensive and ongoing education, Kathie and Wayne have earned the CDPE Designation, and have dedicated their time and effort to understanding the issues distressed homeowners are dealing with. They understand the full range of solutions and are ready to help.

While experiencing financial distress is difficult for any family, the process of finding a real estate professional shouldn't be. Selecting a CDPE agent ensures you are dealing with a professional ready to address your needs.

We are here to help, and will use the utmost discretion! Contact Us Now!

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