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Questions to consider if you are managing or planning to manage your own property

1. Do you have the time to manage the home?
2. Are you available everyday to show the home?
3. Do you know what questions to ask employers and previous landlords?
4. Do you have access to the Credit Reporting System to check applicants?
5. Do you know what to look for in a Tenant Application?
6. Do you know what to document when inspecting a home?
7. Do you know what Federal Laws & Florida Statutes apply to your home?
8. Do you know what to do if the Tenant does not pay rent?
9. Do you know who to call for the best rates for repairs & maintenance?
10. Do you know what the Tenant’s Rights are?
11. Do you know what is fair to charge a Tenant when they move out?
12. Do you know the strict laws governing Security Deposits and disbursement?
13. Do you know what to do if the Tenant moves before the lease expires?
14. Do you have Free Legal Advice on current Florida Real Estate Laws?

Let Sun Stone Property Management take care of all of your property management needs.

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