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1. What Services do you Provide?
• Comprehensive Tenant Screening
• Tenant Applicant Credit Check
• Tenant Application Reference Checks
• Tenant Application Employment Verification
• Tenant Sex Offender, Wanted Persons Check, Convicted Felon Check
• Lease Preparation
• You receive copies of all documents

• Accounting Services
• Direct Deposit ACH Service - Free for Owners - No Checks to Mail !!
• We try to get all tenants to pay via Direct Deposit - Via ACH
• Prompt Rent Collections on the 1st of the month - Every Month!
• Monthly Statements Sent to you
• Copies of all invoices sent to you
• End of Year Statements—For your tax deductions

• Property Preservation Program
• Recommendations to prepare your home for rent
• 400+ Digital Photos taken at Tenant Move-in Inspection to document condition of home. Owner and Tenant BOTH receive copies of Photo CD.
• Extensive Inspection Reports
• Move in/out Report & Checklist
• Maintenance Supervision
• Low Rates from preferred Licensed Vendors
• Repair Coordination
• Property Inspections
• Quarterly Outside Property
• Semi-Annual Inside
• Move out Inspection
• Deposit Disposition

2. What are your Fees?
• 10% of Gross Monthly Rental Income Collected for Full Service Management or $50 per month, which ever is greater
• One-time $150 Accounting fee
• No additional Upfront Fees
• No additional Surcharges
• No MLS Fees
• Optional News Print Ad Fees

3. What About Marketing to Find a Tenant?
• Listed with Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
• Listed on Craig’s List, and 44 other real estate related websites.
• Marketed to Licensed Real Estate Agents
• Military Housing Offices—
• Gosport (local military paper)
• Yard/Window Signs
• Rental Lists available
• Contract Rate for Newspaper Ads

4. How does the Tenant Contact the Property Manager?
• Tenant is provided with direct cell phone number - Not an Office Phone
• Tenant can call, e-mail, or visit office directly
• Property Manager will coordinate any communication to Owner


Let Sun Stone Property Management take care of all of your property management needs.

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